In a world in which hair routine was purely about hygiene, Kérastase invented care for hair in 1964. Since then, the brand has been offering women and men the best of professional haircare. 

 The brands partners with hairdressers from the most high-end salons to create together the ultimate formulas, products and professional services for amazing results.  

Kerastase 2018 Profile

Kérastase created with hairdressers based on their expertise and experience with clients, a unique hair diagnosis in order to understand each women’s individual hair needs. 

At Kérastase there is one belief:  there is not one single interpretation of beauty but an infinity.  The brand enhance all types of beauty, cultures, visions… and of course, all types of hair.

Part of a wider influential community, Emily Ratajkowski embodies Kérastase’s vision of beauty; with her unapologetic and modern stance on femininity.

In 2018, Kérastase celebrates its community by creating the Kérastase Club gathering the best hairdressers and the most inspiring women, from artists to athletes and entrepreneurs. Through their salons, their Instagram and brand events, Kerastase Club community aims to share their expertise and passion for hair all around the world!