Yue Sai

Every Chinese woman has two sides of beauty: the inner wisdom and outer confidence. With the deep understanding of Chinese women for 25 years, Yuesai appreciates the uniqueness of Chinese Beauty – a balanced combination of Outer Beauty and Inner Wisdom. Yuesai endeavours to develop beauty products specially made for Chinese women, inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine and boosted by Advanced technology to extract active ingredients for high efficacy and safety. Let the modern Chinese beauty bloom inside-out.

Yue Sai Brand profile

Founded by Madame Yue-Sai Kan in 1992, Yue Sai brought modern beauty to Chinese women for the first time.

In 1998, Yue Sai has been already the leading brand in high-end Chinese beauty market. L’Oreal group expanded in China in 2004, it was further enhanced by acquiring one of the cultural prides of China, with a revolutionary innovation of using  Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), boosted with the advanced extraction techniques for both skin care products and makeup. With its unique and extensive research on the Chinese skin needs and skin tones, Yue Sai offers products adapted for Asian women, and promotes the Chinese “holistic” approach to inner and outer beauty.

In 2007, Yue Sai launched Ganoderma Vital Essential, which quickly became the flagship of the brand. Ganoderma Vital Essential contains a unique extraction of Ganoderma, a rare fungus, known for its stimulating properties used in TCM.

Representing modern Chinese beauty and pride, Yue Sai held the exclusive beauty sponsorship for Miss Universe in 2011.

2016 marks the birth of a New Brand Equity Platform of Yue Sai in 6 Dimensions, well spelled by Inspiration from TCM, Natural,  Modern Science, Inner Outer Beauty, Authenticity, Modern Chinese Beauty.

The most iconic products including: Vitalize Ganoderma Youth Preserving Toner, Vitalize Ganoderma Cushion BB, Regenerate Ginseng Restoring Eye Cream and Cordyceps lipsticks.