Synonymous with youth and liberty since 1978, Cacharel Fragrances are created as an olfactory expression of each phase of a young woman’s life.

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Cacharel was one of the first fashion houses in the 1960s to introduce the Ready-to-Wear concept as an alternative line to Haute Couture, and, always ahead of its time, has been able to keep its fresh, young and dynamic image.

Cacharel celebrates femininity and romanticism with its mythical perfumes including Anaïs Anaïs, a girl’s first perfume, best-seller Amor Amor, a declaration of first love and its daring fragrance Yes I Am, the fragrance of independence. 

Anaïs Anaïs: this legendary perfume was a revolution at the time of its creation in 1978. With its scent centered around the lily flower, both innocent and mysterious and its white opaline bottle, it has become the symbol of romanticism and tenderness. The first high-end perfume.

Amor Amor: the first love, passionate and longing, colorful and young. The bottle is a beating heart, a grenade that is set off in an explosion of passion. Launched in 2003, its fruity-floral fragrance is a true statement.

Yes I Am
: intended to disrupt, the fragrance interprets the generation of young women’s newfound independence. Cacharel dares a scent like none before: the first “Spicy Cremoso”, based on a contrast built around Cardamom. An all-new perfume design, one of the most powerful symbols of femininity, the red lipstick, is recast as a scent. Yes I Am is a declaration of self-affirmation representing a generation of independent young women.