Magic Mask, the leading brand of the mask industry in China was founded in 2003, and has already accompanied Chinese women towards their beauty transformation for over ten years. 

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Since the milestone slogan, “Take a Break, Enjoy your Magic Moment”, MG has encouraged women to perceive the unique beauty of life, enjoy their own peaceful moment with 15-minute maskcare. Also, MG innovatively launched the first Single-sheet Sales Model in China, as well as developing hundreds of mask products to provide Chinese women with great variety of mask options. As a Mask Expert, MG always keeps its professional and innovative spirit. In 2014, MG Mask joined L'Oréal, and then set up the first Mask Research and Development Centre in China. With the support of advanced skincare technology from L’Oréal, MG invented several breakthrough products, including MG Water Glow Mask, MG Black Ferment Mask, MG Super Seeds Mask, MG Sensitive Skin Mask and Fresh-mix Mask.
MG Mask has been committed to become founder and trend-setter of mask culture with unparalleled expertise on this field. Also, MG mask will continually formulate with legendary natural ingredients carefully selected from China, in order to provide customers with instant & lasting proven beauty results. Known as the Mask Expert, MG Mask will continue to lead the innovation of Chinese facial mask industry and start the new era of Committed Natural Maskcare.