An organic cosmetics pioneer, the Sanoflore brand is synonymous with efficiency, sensoriality and safety, even for sensitive skin.

Sanoflore brand visual

Sanoflore Research combines the best of Nature with all the scientific rigor of dermatological cosmetics to offer women a natural alternative to conventional cosmetics. Thanks to the properties of distilled organic medicinal plant essences, far more concentrated in active molecules than synthetic ingredients, Sanoflore combines power, efficiency, pleasure and responsibility in all its product lines.

In the beginning: the Regional Natural Park of Vercors, where Nature reigns powerful and preserved. In the heart of this unique place, protected from all pollution, the brand chose to come into being and grow. On these high, wild plateaus, exposed to extreme climatic conditions, hardy plants with phenomenal virtues flourish rich in exceptional ingredients; sources of wondrous virtues. Sanoflore Research treasures the purity and naturalness of its active ingredients. Carefully selected, Sanoflore’s active ingredients are as high-performance as reference dermatological molecules – with proven efficacy - to respond to the needs and desires of all women. Beyond its ‘’green certification’’, every product is tested in clinical studies and wide-ranging tests on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Creator of emotions, Sanoflore offers a range of exquisite textures and active ingredients to care for the skin and provide a unique sensory experience. The brand reveals the wonders of nature to beautify skin while awakening the senses:

- Aqua magnifica, the botanical skin perfecting-essence with a patented complex of 9 essential oils
- The Merveilleuse range, with its regenerating anti-ageing active ingredients, for wondrously radiant morning skin
- The Reines range, with pure royal jelly, a cellular energy reservoir for brand new perfect skin
- Aqua hypnotica: reviving botanical essence for eyes and lashes
- And many other treatments to suit women’s needs.

Sanoflore works for biodiversity in all its forms, seeking to reduce the impact of packaging and giving priority to local workers. Thanks to Sanoflore, organic now combines effectiveness, pleasure and responsibility.